Iron Gate Updates 9-17-2010

See our list of updates below.

  •  The Cooking for a Cause Gala is almost full, so act fast for purchasing individual tickets ($75) or helping secure sponsorships ($10,000, $5,000, $2,500 and $1,000 options.)
  • We have posted two new articles from the Tulsa World on our facebook page. Michael Overall’s story about 2,634 homeless students in Tulsa Public Schools, on Sunday Sept 12 and Mike Averill’s story in today’s paper, Sept 13, about Oklahoma’s new ranking—No. 4—in people needing food assistance. We’re the fourth hungriest state in the nation, up from No. 8 last year. Iron Gate is quoted in both stories. Sad but hard hitting stories and bravo to the World for keeping this tough subject before the public.
  • We posted a new picture of Lisa Lay and Andrew Harrison who have a special request for their October wedding. Instead of wedding gifts, the couple is asking friends and family to make a donation to Iron Gate. “We are blessed,” said the note they slipped into the wedding invitations, “to have one another and to have so much comfort in our lives. We know that many people in Tulsa have nothing. So, instead of giving us a wedding gift, we ask you to consider making a donation in honor of our wedding to Iron Gate. This soup kitchen and food pantry at Trinity feeds the homeless and hungry—every day of the year.”
  • Debra Dixon, kitchen, is taking a year-long class (once weekly sessions) to become a Certified Nutrition Manager.
  • Deacon Deborah Underwood, volunteer coordinator, is setting up a sock drive for us with a competition between Holland Hall and Cascia Hall. Cold weather is coming and we need socks (and blankets.)
  • Tanya Moore, administration, is facilitating new coordination between Youth Services and Stand in the Gap ministry to help serve the large numbers of teens we’re seeing at Iron Gate, most of whom are homeless and many of whom have aged out of foster care.
  • Deacon Deborah has organized our regular, weekly serving volunteers into teams with a captain for each team—better organization.
  • Tanya has begun working with Pratt College to allow its nursing students to do clinical hours at Iron Gate, testing blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Caroline Kitalong, kitchen staff, cooked 20 cases of chickens today (100 lbs) which we received free of charge from the Food Bank. Reasor’s donated a pickup truck of salad greens today. We continue our Healthy Food Initiative to get hearty but healthier food to our guests through the soup kitchen, grocery pantry and Kids’ Pantry.
  •  As we head into the busy holiday season, several special events are scheduled at the Gate. Please put them on your calendar and join us for
    • Friday, Nov 19 – our Thanksgiving meal, 8:30-10:30 a.m. – we’ll need 30 turkeys (preferably donated)
    • Friday, Dec 17 – our Christmas meal, 8:30-10:30 a.m. – we’ll need 30 hams (preferably donated)