Iron Gate Updates

We anticipate continued large, large crowds—more children when school is out, the season brings more people through Tulsa and the economy continues to contribute to more new people at Iron Gate.

If you are interested in voluntering, please send an email to Deborah Underwood at

“USA Today” reports that the number of families in homeless shelters increased 7% in 2009. That’s 170,129 families with children in shelters. It’s the second straight year for an increase. (Reported by the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development.)

The Oklahoma Policy Institute reported today the number of Oklahomans filing for bankruptcy in the 1st quarter of 2010 was up 14%, and Caseloads for food stamps rose for the 24th straight month.

Last week we served 2,813 people.
Today we served more than 500. (Mid month our numbers increase as people run out of Food Stamps and/or their monthly disability checks) more children now that school is out.

Yesterday, we received 100 supplemental food boxes from the Food Bank designated for families with children.

We have also posted new pictures on our facebook page, here are the descriptions of the new photos:

Wedding Party Serves the Meal
In honor of the wedding of Liba Wenig Rubenstein and Michah Fitzerman-Blue (bride and groom pictured), the meal served that day was underwritten by the groom’s parents, Alice Blue and Rabbi Marc Fitzerman. The wedding party served the meal.

This is one family who ate with us this week: Victor (7), Omare (5), Jaden (3) and mother Mishka. The father has been deported to Lagos, Nigeria, and is awaiting the time to apply for readmission.

The American Contract Bridge League, district 15, has presented Iron Gate with a check for $5,000. The presentation was made at the Tulsa Bridge Studio by District Chair Phyllis Harlan from Oklahoma City (left) and Tulsan Nancy Phillips.