Iron Gate Weekly Update

It’s been a very good week at Iron Gate. And a very busy week:

1. We won the Excellence Award in the Community Health Services from the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits, recognizing us for “exhibiting excellence in daily operations.” Picture from the event have been posted on our photo page of the Facebook Group.

2. The Food Bank has items not available since Hurricane Katrina and we have spent two days picking up food and stocking our pantries. We have food stacked everywhere.

3. There is a ranch which is donating a steer to Iron Gate has said the 500 lbs of beef will be delivered to us by the end of May. This makes the kitchen very happy.

4. The numbers of people coming to eat here daily continues to grow and grow. A few months ago we fed 350-400 people a day. Now it is not unusual for us to have 500-600 guests a day. And, more children. Young children. Today we had three kids in strollers, a five-day-old baby and other small children. Remember, only children not in school come through the soup kitchen weekdays. This is another reason we are beefing up the food we serve on weekends, when hungry children and working parents are available to eat with us.