Last Two Week at Iron Gate

We have many great things going on at Iron Gate so I apologize this email is a bit long. We have posted more pictures and links for our group as well.

We are almost at 1200 facebook friends. Help us make our goal and invite your friends today. We would like to be over 1500 by the end of summer. If everyone just got one friend to join, we would beat our goal!

Beef! It’s what’s for dinner. Bea Hidy, donated an entire steer (435 lbs) to Iron Gate. She said she read in an Iron Gate newsletter that chef Debra Dixon, “was praying for meat.” She and son Joe Hidy, president of Triad Bank, own Pioneer Ranch. (A picture has been posted in our pictures section.)

Lindberg Elementary School has done a food drive and raised 432 lbs of food for us in their food drive.

Our Community Voice Mail system, in collaboration with the Day Center, is going very well. We signed up more people for the phone service the first week than other agencies do in a month, we’re told. Iron Gate worked with the Day Center for the Homeless to complete preparations to have Community Voice Mail (at no charge) for our guests. This will alleviate the phone problems we have for the guests who cannot current receive return calls at our facility. Sign up and training will begin for the guests next week.

The recent big story on the front page of the Tulsa World, “Veggies for the Needy,” is about the vegetable garden St. John’s Episcopal Church is growing for Iron Gate. When Rev. Susanne Methven brought the first basket of produce to us last week, the story says, a homeless man helped her carry it in. He saw a green pepper in the basket and asked if he could have it. “Of course,” she said. “It tastes like home,” he said. (We have posted a link to the story on our facebook page.)

Recently, a well-dressed woman came into our offices to ask for a grocery bag. She was nervous, frightened and very fragile. She had left a difficult marriage with only the clothes she wore. She was staying with a friend but intended to find a job. She was in recovery—seven days sober—and had come from the AA meeting upstairs. We made her a grocery bag. Tanya talked with her and praised her for her seven days and she left smiling and looking stronger and happier. “It’s hard to handle crisis when you’re hungry,” she said.

Word of mouth – one of our guests today is just out of prison and told me how well known we are there. “Iron Gate is talked about a lot,” he said. “Everyone knows it’s a good place to go. Everyone inside is grateful for the good work you do.”

Demographics of Guests: Big increase in numbers of 20 something guests this week. A notable exception was this man who ate with us today.

Next week, Hepatitis C and HIV testing will be done here by HOPE (Health, Outreach, Prevention, Education). Catholic Charities and the Veteran’s Association will also be here to be available for consultation with our guests.