Lawyers Against Hunger

Lawyers Against Hunger will be distributing Turkeys and pantry boxes to over 2000 families this year.  There will be 1000 turkeys given out in Oklahoma City, 500 in Norman, and 500 turkeys along with a pantry box in Tulsa.  The turkeys will be given out in Oklahoma City on Thursday November 17, 2011, and in Norman and Tulsa on Friday November 18, 2011.

This year Lawyers Against Hunger raised over $60,000 to purchase Thanksgiving meals for those in need.  Lawyers Against Hunger partnered with the Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank and Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to purchase the food to hand out.  Co-founder and attorney Noble McIntyre commented that  "I've never missed a Thanksgiving meal and don't expect too many of my lawyer friends have either. This was one area we could give back and make a difference. Last year's event provided food for more than 4,500 hungry Oklahomans. This year's event will be even bigger."

This year Lawyers Against Hunger had a competition between Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Norman to see which group of attorneys could raise the most money.  It came down to the wire and Tulsa narrowly beat Oklahoma City with Norman trailing in at third place.  “There are no losers in this competition, only winners from each community where we raised funds to help feed the hungry” said Hugh M. Robert, co-founder of Lawyers Against Hunger.  “All funds raised by lawyers in the respective competition cities are staying in those cities.  We partnered with Iron Gate to help identify those in need and include many deserving groups such as Emergency Infant Services, Veterans groups, Youth Services, and many more,” says Robert. 

Robert went on to describe “one of the many reasons why we had such a great response from Lawyers and many other groups is that we all recognized the significant need after seeing Oklahoma ranked as the fifth hungriest state in the country with many of the hungry being children.”  

"It is very fulfilling to give back to the community," said co-founder and Norman attorney David Bernstein. "Thanks to donations from attorneys and local businesses in Cleveland County to Lawyers Against Hunger, as well as the invaluable assistance, we are receiving from the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, we have expanded the turkey giveaway to Cleveland County to make sure local families do not go hungry on Thanksgiving."

The turkey will feed 10 or 11 people and the pantry box is designed to supplement a family of 4 for an entire week.  This is the third year lawyers have raised money to help provide Thanksgiving meals and the number of families fed has more than doubled each year.

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