Saturday (July 10, 2010) Concert

The Quick and the Dead, a Christian praise band from Kansas City, will give a free concert for Iron Gate guests and others Saturday, July 10, at 9 a.m. on the Trinity parking lot.

The eight member band is on tour through Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri performing for homeless and working poor. “We perform at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, rescue missions and anywhere else the homeless gather for physical and mental sustenance,” said Laurie Schwab, the band’s leader, vocalist and keyboardist.

The group says it does not “preach, pound or humiliate” its audiences. “Our music and humor seek to bring some calm and peace and memories of better, earlier times to people who have to be constantly guard and on the edge of survival.”

Band members range in age from 41 to 70. They are Episcopalian, Roman Catholic, southern Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist and “undecided.” One is a brain tumor survivor, one a convicted felon, one formerly homeless.

The band accepts donations but are funded primarily out of their own pockets. They use their own cars and vans to transport their instruments and sound equipment.