This week at Iron Gate

1. The Food Bank is so pleased with our speedy and efficient distribution of the supplemental food boxes to families with children—we’ve done better than any other agency, we’re told—that it has doubled the number of boxes for us. Starting next week, we’ll have 200 food boxes and 100 boxes of household items to distribute every week.

2. Our Fourth of July (indoors) picnic will be Monday. Iron Gate will be awash with American flags and a picnic menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, pasta salad (because we didn’t get potatoes this week to make potato salad) and an American Flag Cheesecake decorated with blueberries and strawberries.

3. Saturday, July 10, a Christian rock band from Kansas City, The Quick and the Dead, will give a free concert for Iron Gate on the parking lot. This group is on tour to homeless shelters and free meal programs in Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas and offered the program to us. We’re planning on 10 a.m. and Trinity has given us permission. It’ll be fun.

NEW PICTURES: (On Facebook)

Bag Ladies Susan Ellerbach and Sarah Hart from Tulsa World came on their lunch hour Thursday to package groceries for Friday’s distribution. Deacon Deborah Underwood, volunteer coordinator is center. Susan is a member
of Iron Gate’s Board of Directors.

First Time Visitors to Iron Gate this week- Jazmynn, 8, with her parents who have come to Tulsa to find work. They are staying at the Day Center for the Homeless.