It is tempting for a hunger relief agency like Iron Gate to focus on numbers—how many guests we fed, how many tons of food we received and how much it cost. However, our guests are more than numbers, they are people we come to know and care about. Often we learn about their lives, their setbacks, their successes and their dreams.

Hunger is what you feel when you don’t have enough to eat. Iron Gate served 233,793 meals in 2016. Food insecurity is the set of circumstances that prevent your access to food. Iron Gate distributed 14,524 pantry bags.

Hunger and food insecurity don’t discriminate: they affect people of all ages, races, and genders in every community in Tulsa County. They happen everywhere and could be affecting someone in your neighborhood today. There is no one face of hunger and food insecurity. The need varies among children, older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, the working poor, and others.

Some come to Iron Gate regularly, others we may meet only once. All are welcome. In the Faces of Iron Gate, you will meet some of the guests who ate with us this year.