About Iron Gate

Our mission is simple: we feed hungry people. 


Iron Gate’s primary mission is food—a basic need. The soup kitchen provides a hot and nutritious meal every day from 8:30-10:30 a.m. The food pantry distributes grocery bags every Tuesday and Thursday 11:45 am to 1:00pm and every Saturday from 8:30am to 10:30 am. The kid’s pantry distributes kid’s packs along with regular groceries to those families with children. 

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Iron Gate also provides:

  • Social service agency referrals
  • Invitations to social service agencies to come outreach to Iron Gate guests
  • Hygiene kits
  • Special holiday meals
  • Socks, hats, gloves and blankets in cold weather (when available)
  • Bottled water in excessive heat 
  • Free community voice mail and telephone use
2012 In review

If we can feed everyone who comes through our gates hungry today, we consider ourselves successful. 

  • 240,061 the number of people fed at the soup kitchen. 
  • 27,100 the number of grocery bags distributed feeding 55, 000 people.
  • 7,500 the number of Kids' Packs of healthy, kid-friendly snacks given to Iron Gate kids. 
  • 5,000 plus volunteers
  • 10,000 plus volunteer hours
  • 100% Board of Directors and Advisory Council Giving
  • 100% staff giving


Who Eats at Iron Gate?

The face of hunger in Tulsa has changed. Not all who eat at Iron Gate are homeless. Some are sheltered, but not in a home of their own. They stay in emergency shelters, sleep in their cars or couch surf with friends or family.

Demographics of Iron Gate guests:

  • 25% of those who eat at our soup kitchen are homeless
  • 13% of those who receive emergency groceries from our pantry are homeless
  •  58% receive SNAP benefits (food stamps)
  • 80% are male
  • 70% percent are uninsured
  • 45% are white
  • 30% are Native American
  • 25% are African-American